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Clara Industries™ is a private investment group run by veterans of the engineering, architecture and entertainment industries. We only invest in creative fields that we have personal experience in. Our mission is to change the cultural landscape by providing funding and support to teams, and individuals, who represent our core values: Love; Connection; Kindness.

At Clara Industries™ we value good-ethics above any other criteria for investment. We only invest in organizations that have a profound moral foundation. Specifically, this means that we are not profit-driven; we are prophet driven. In other words: We care more about how your idea will improve the human condition than how it will improve our financial reserves.

Here at Clara Industries™ we are always scouting for new investment opportunities. We specialize in the funding of projects that bring out the best in humanity. Examples of our areas of investment include the fields of electronics; engineering; entertainment; and publishing. We support projects ranging from electronics manufacture, to purchasing movie theaters.
Clara Industries™

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